Our collection of recipes are inspired by the subtle flavours in Kronenbourg 1664 and the unique cuisine of Alsace. These desserts are best served after one of our main meals, and each should be accompanied by a chilled Kronenbourg 1664 for maximum refreshment. Browse our easy, unique and delicious dessert recipes and bring a taste of France to your table for a Taste Suprême.

Alsatian Gingerbread Loaf

This popular gingerbread loaf is always a hit in Alsatian bakeries. We’ve put a grown-up twist on this easy dessert recipe that makes it great for social gatherings, whether you’re feeling festive or just want to impress guests with your creative culinary skills.


French Cheesecake

The addition of ‘fromage frais’ to this simple dessert recipe means your cheesecake will really stand out. Add lemon juice and zest for a citrusy zing that complement the subtle flavours of Kronenbourg 1664.


Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes, also known as ‘galettes’ in France, are a versatile meal or snack for all occasions. Our version combines buckwheat pancakes with poached fruit for a fantastic dessert.


Sweet Pretzels

Known as ‘bretzels’ in France, pretzels are an iconic and completely irresistible food. Our simple pretzel dessert recipe combines cinnamon with honey for maximum taste. Bon appétit!