La Première Bière Française

Kronenbourg 1664
Pale Lager
Alcohol by volume

A beer is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. Premium Strisselspalt hops, unique to Alsace, have been exclusively used in Kronenbourg 1664 since 1885.

A distinctive Alsace taste

Known as the ‘caviar of hops’ by master brewers, Strisselspalt give Kronenbourg 1664 a low bitterness and aromatic quality. Beer connoisseurs will notice a persistent fruity aroma, with notes of citrus peel and spices, and a medium and sustained intensity.

Golden colour

Strisselspalt hops help create the beer’s pale yellow and golden hue. A fairly dense, long-lasting white creamy head, with fine bubbles, can be achieved with the perfect serve. Its good balance, fine quality and delicate bitterness really are a taste suprême.

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